Friday, February 6, 2015

Stats for Last Weekend's Games

I was finally able to complete the Time on Ice, shots, face off and other stats for last Friday and Saturday vs Kamloops and Everett.

Here are the stats for Friday, January 30th in which the Hawks won 6-2 over Kamloops.



Bittner 22:45 2
Petan 22:51 3
Bjorkstrand 22:36 5
Koules 16:13 2
De Leo 21:01 4
Schoenborn 13:10 2
McKenzie 11:41 1
Turgeon 14:24 2
Iverson 14:18 5
Flaman 5:59 0
Overhardt 6:44 1
Weinger 6:18 0
Cederholm 16:53 0
Viveiros 20:32 1
Heinrich 19:15 1
Texeira 18:34 1
Henry 19:04 0
Hanson 19:24 0

-This game was 4-0 after the first period and never really got that close. This gave Coach Kompon the ability to utilize some of the players, he doesn't usually give that much ice time. Chief in this was Josh Hanson, who skated just over 6 minutes vs. Victoria, 2 days earlier and skated nearly 20 minutes in this one.
-Keegan Iverson, may've had zero points, but his 5 shots are proof that he played an excellent game and was really buzzing around the Blazer's net.
-Anton Cederholm skated only 16:53 and this wasn't just due to the fact that  he skated only 4:57 in the 3rd period. He also had only 5:18 in the first. This seemed to be part of the plan for Kompon and Co. as they knew they were going to need him more in the next game vs. Everett.

Here are the stats for Saturday, January 31st's 6-3 win over Everett, that saw Oliver Bjorkstrand notch the first 6 point game for a player since Adam Deadmarsh.



Bittner 21:05 4
Petan 23:39 3
Bjorkstrand 22:18 6
Koules 19:02 5
De Leo 20:37 5
Schoenborn 16:25 6
McKenzie 12:43 3
Turgeon 13:23 2
Iverson 15:35 0
Overhardt 4:44 0
Weinger 3:35 0
Cederholm 27:12 2
Viveiros 21:50 0
Heinrich 20:15 0
Texeira 14:51 0
De Jong 10:59 0
Henry 17:39 1
Hanson 6:48 0

-The Hawks top line dominated this game. They combined for 13 of the team's 36 shots.
-Second straight game where not a lot of shots came from the point. 3 total in each of the game's last weekend.
-Alex schoenborn had his most time on ice in the 3 games I've recorded. This was because the Hawks used him on as the left wing on their 4th line along with Weinger and Overhardt.
-As I was saying about Cederholm's ice time. With the Hawks either tied or holding onto a tight lead throughout the game, Cederholm skated over half the 3rd period (10:13). He is their go to guy along the blue line in tight games, especially when controlling a 1 or 2 goal lead.

Hopefully it will not take me as long to post the numbers for the games this weekend Seattle and Everett.

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