Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blazers Finally Change the Name of the Rose Garden

The Portland Trailblazers became one of  the last professional arenas to accept a deal re-naming their arena after a corporation. Moda Health, won the right to name the Rose Garden the Moda Center, however the Rose Quarter, which also the contains the Memorial Coliseum, will not change it's name.

As part of the deal, Mode Health will attempt to change the culture of the Rose Garden into a healthier one. They are looking into adding healthier eating options to the menus at the now Moda Center.

Paul Allen also has encouraged Moda Health to find a way to work a rose into the log of the new Center, and it appears they will do so.

Many fans have expressed outrage at the name change and maybe it comes from living in a city that contains Safeco Field and Century Link (formerly Qwest) Field, but I do not feel this same outrage. Also, to me it would be more of a big deal if they decided to name the Memorial Coliseum after a company(I know it changed it's name to Veterans Memorial Coliseum 2 years ago but that is a bit different), since it has been around since 1960, as opposed to the 18 years the Rose Garden appeared as such.

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