Saturday, September 28, 2013

Derrick Pouliot Coming Back to Portland Because of Cap Issues?

With the Hawks having their share of defensive woes so far this year, many Hawks fans have turned a wandering eye to Pittsburgh where 19 year old 2012 First Round Pick Derrick Pouliot is currently residing

Pouliot has played fantastic in the preseason action that he has seen including a goal last Tuesday in a win over Chicago. Unfortunately, he has not seen any action since in the 3 other preseason games. He did score a goal in a scrimmage the other day but the fact that he has not gotten into any of those games and was even scratched for practice earlier today (Pit only wanted to skate 8 D-men and they have 9 still in camp), does not bode well for his hopes of sticking with the Penguins this season.

An interesting piece was  published the other day in which an argument was put forth that both Pouliot and the London Knight's Olli Maata will be sent back to their junior teams because the Penguins are right up against the salary cap. If they chose to keep either of them, their 3 year entry level deal with go against the cap and possibly even put them over.

News was also released this evening that Pen's D-man Kris Letang is out with a lower body injury. They have not released how long he will be out, though Pittsburgh has no more preseason games and opens their season next Thursday against New Jersey. If it is not a major injury, which I do not think it is, I do not see him missing much, if any time.

My thought is that Pouliot could see some regular season action but most likely will be sent back sometime this week by the Pens.

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  1. Update: 10/1: Pouliot was among the last group of players sent down to either the AHL or their junior teams by the Penguins. He should rejoin the team in time for Wednesday's game vs. Spokane. Pittisburgh did choose to keep former London Knight Ollia Maatta, at least for the time being, while Letang recovers.