Monday, March 9, 2015

Stats for Friday 3/6 vs Seattle and Saturday 3/7 vs Tri City

First of all, here are the stats I calculated for the Friday game vs Seattle, in which Oliver Bjorkstrand, potted 4 goals, setting a franchise record for consecutive games with a goal, as well, as, joined the 50 goals in 50 games club:

Below are the Stats for Last Friday's 7-1 Win Over Seattle:

Player TOI Shots Faceoff % Hits Blocked Shots
Bittner 20:27 4 N/A 4 0
Petan 20:58 9/21=43% 1 1
Bjorkstrand 21:27 6 N/A 2 2
De Leo19:09110/15=66.7%31
De Jong11:130N/A00

-The game was out of hand relatively early (4-0 after 2) and this gave Coach Kompon the ability to utizlize his depth players more, especially among the D-men. Cederholm and Heintrich both finished with under 20 minutes of ice time; a rare feat for them. This was beneficial with a game the next night.
-Turgeon's increased ice time is due to the fact that he now seems to be the chosen player, to skate with Overhardt and Walter on the 4th line. This also meant he took more face offs, as Overhardt (who had been playing 4th line center) is relegated to 4th line wing.
-This could be more about playing it safe by sticking out one of your best defensive centers in that position; rather than a remark about Overhardt's defensive zone play.
-Bjorkstrand, who scored 4 goals, notched 6 shots. Meaning he scored on 2/3rds of his shots. Impressive.
-Texeira seemed committed to pumping more shots on goal this game, as he got 4 through to the goalie. He, quietly, has one of the better slap shots on the team, so I'd like him to make this a consistent thing.
-Evan Weinger and Skyler McKenzie are hit machines out there (notching 3 and 6 respectively). They are making arguments for continued ice time with Alex Schoenborn slated to return to the lineup soon and being aggressive on the fore-check is one way to do this. McKenzie also scored a goal in Saturday's game, so that will help too.

Here Are the Stats For Saturday's 6-2 Win Over Tri City:

Player TOI Shots Faceoff % Hits Blocked Shots
Bittner 21:47 3 1/1=100% 1 0
Petan 24:26 4 13/21=61.9% 3 2
Bjorkstrand 26:10 6 N/A 3 0
De Leo21:14815/23=65.2%20
De Jong5:180N/A02

-Miles Koules and Chase De Leo tied for the team lead in shots with 8 apiece. They both are tasked with being the offensive creators on their lines and did so this night with 3 points total, but could have had more.
-Bjorkstrand's 26:10 of ice time should not be too surprising due to the coaching staff trying to keep his goal streak going. While this type of choice is risky and if Oliver had gotten injured (there goes the season), Kompon would've paid the price, but it's worth the risk, to keep your best player's happy.
-Portland just dominated Tri City at the face off circle, winning 45 of 67 draws for 67.1% in the game. Nic Petan struggled against Scott Eansor and Mathew Barzal on Friday, but abused Justin Gutierrez consistently on Saturday.
-Even Chase De Leo, who I consider the 3rd best face off guy on the team, was successful winning 65% of his draws.
-As Portland put the game out of reach in the 3rd period, they again rested the top D-men with Heinrich only seeing 5 shits in the 3rd period.

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