Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stats for Saturday 2/28/15 @Seattle

Below are the Stats for Last Saturday's 5-2 Win Over Seattle:

Player TOI Shots Faceoff % Hits Blocked Shots
7 21:06 4 N/A 0 0
19 22:52 12/21=57% 0 1
27 22:32 6 N/A 0 1
44 19:120N/A10

-12/28 or nearly 50% of the team's shots came from the top line. This is not surprising if you watched the game, because the other 3 lines, could not get much of a consistent cycle going.
-There was a change in the rotation, with the Turgeon line going right after Petan's; with De Leo's line going 3rd and the Overhardt line getting 2 shifts a period.
-The crazy amount of face off's Petan takes, seem to be more about Coach McKittrick wanting to put them out at every stoppage of play, regardless of when they had their last shift. This is a reason their Time On Ice (TOI) is so much higher then the other forwards consistently (well more of how it's implemented then a reason).
-Overhardt going 3/3 goes to show why he is probably going to stay as a Center next year (#2 or 3 depending on if De Leo comes back for his over-age season), while Skyler McKenzie (who started as a Center) has been moved to the wing. Also, playing McKenzie on the wing, finds him a role on the 3rd line with any top 9 winger out, while also utilizing his speed on breakouts out of the zone.
-1 hit and 0 shots are both well below what Blake Heinrich usually does. He had a ton of ice time too, but didn't play his best, as evidenced by these numbers.
-Miles Koules had the most shots outside of the top line (5) and this is probably why that line is playing well right now. Turgeon and McKenzie are both solid in the corners, digging pucks out and putting them on a line with Koules, gives them somebody to feed the puck.
-4 total shots from the blue line is not enough for a successful playoff team and this continues to be an issue for the Hawks.
-I'm really interested to see where Alex Schoenborn is slotted when he returns from injury. Evan Weinger has played well on De Leo's line and it would be a real shame to see with him or McKenzie bumped down to the 3-4 minutes the 4th line has been playing.

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