Monday, March 23, 2015

Stats for Saturdays Game @Seattle and Sunday's vs. Tri City

The Winterhawks entered the last weekend of the regular season with an outside shot at the U.S. Division title; needing some help from Everett's opponents. Winning yet another U.S. Title was not in the cards for Portland as they dropped a 6-3 decision to Seattle on Saturday, while Victoria beat Everett in the shoot out 4-3, meaning it was not mathematically possible for Portland.

Here are the stats for the 6-3 loss at Seattle on 3/21/15:

Player TOI Shots Faceoff % Hits Blocked Shots
Bittner UNK 4 N/A 9 0
Petan UNK 6 11/22=50% 5 0
Bjorkstrand UNK 8 0/1=0% 1 1
De LeoUNK39/19=47.4%50
-Towards the end of the 2nd period, Portland switched up the lines. They put Evan Weinger up with Nic Petan and Oliver Bjorkstrand; Paul Bittner with Chase De Leo and Miles Koules and Keegan Iverson with Dominic Turgeon and Skyler McKenzie.
-This line switch up was most likely due to the fact that Bittner had struggled recently; not scoring a goal in 4 games and the Hawk's 2nd and 3rd lines were also struggling to find the net.
-I do not know if they will keep these lines this way, especially if Alex Schoenborn returns to the lineup, but it did seem to inspire Bittner's play a bit.
-You do have to keep in mind that Bittner-De Leo-Koules played together for the team's Eastern Division road trip earlier in the season and played great together.
-A hat trick for Bjorkstrand, as he keeps his hot streak going.

Here are the stats for the season concluding 5-3 win over Tri City:

Player TOI Shots Faceoff % Hits Blocked Shots
Bjorkstrand UNK 8 N/A 1 1
Petan UNK 4 9/11=81.8% 2 2
Weinger UNK 1 N/A 6 0
De LeoUNK716/22=72.7%20
De JongUNK3N/A11
-Portland kept with the line adjustments they made the previous game and it resulted in De Leo and Bittner notching goals from the 2nd line, though Bittner's was on the power play.
-Portland dominated the face off circle for the 2nd game in a row. This makes me curious as to whether the Americans have these struggles against most other teams, or if it's just Portland that seems to have their way at the draw.
-Probably one of the games that Brendan De Jong looked the most comfortable in this season. He out 3 shots on net and looked great at outlet passes all night.
-Miles Koules had been shooting a ton prior to the last few games and has seemed to struggle getting shots on net or really getting into the flow the way he had been.
-12 hits for Iverson over the past 2 games as he is really starting to play his game in a consistent manner. He seemed to be trying to do too much earlier in the season and now has found his way by winning battles on the boards and shooting when he has a good look.
-Adam Henry is starting to look comfortable as a Hawk and is easily the most aggressive D-man they have. He is taking to the Hawk's up tempo system very well and gets a lot of good looks fairly deep in the opponent's zone.
-Bjorkstrand had 2 more goals, finishing with 63 goals in only 59 games played.
-Portland concluded the season with a 9-1 record Vs. Tri City; losing only the one game in which Eric Comrie stopped 51 of 53 shots.
-Evan Johnson was able to win his first game as a Winterhawk and it's probably the last time he will see the net this season unless Adin Hill really struggles.

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